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With more than 20 years on the field LordFord offers customers a vast selection of products, consisting of all types brands.

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LordFord is proud to work with our valued suppliers to grow sales and satisfy customers. In addition to excellent distribution services and a strong and diverse customer base, we support our suppliers with a dedicated team of Supply Chain professionals.LordFord offers customers more than 20,000 products, consisting of national and foreign brands as well as exclusive brands.

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Warehouse & Distribution


We have strategically located regional warehouses that are capable of managing inventories for a wide variety of products including dry goods, grocery, specialty and refrigerated products.


Your order will be send directly to your place on the same day you order or on schedule.We ensure optimal freshness and the outstanding delivery quality for your order.

Healthy and secure environment

Our warehouse experts maintain the highest standards of industry and national regulatory requirements when it comes to hygiene, inventory control management, handling and shipment of our suppliers' products from initial receipt to delivery to our customers.


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